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Boost your soil with slow-release organic tablets

100% natural, 100% effective

Plants are turning yellow

This is something we are all afraid of – to see our plants dying day by day, without any obvious reason. Water – check, nutrients – check, sunlight – check, so what am I missing?

Transplanted plants are suffering

Moving your plants to a new spot can be a stressful situation. No matter how careful you are, getting used to the changed circumstances takes time – and sometimes too much of it.

Fruits & veggies are low-yielding

Whether you plan to feed yourself or a family of five with home-grown plants, it can be challenging. It is the most frustrating gardening experience when your garden’s yields fall short.

Soil was always considered a mixture of minerals, air and water. In the late 20th century we started to explore – and are still exploring – the nuts and bolts of soil biology and how soil life functions. Professionals running large-scale farms are about to grasp the soil health concept, and so are passionate gardeners.

When you think that your wilting plants just need more nutrient or water, it is possible that actually your soil got tired, i.e. soil biology is not functioning properly, and this sets back your water and nutrient cycling. The solution is easy: feed the soil microbes, so they can feed your plants.

Healthy soil is characterized by its typical smell, the abundance of earthworms and other soil-living organisms, and a chocolate cake-like, crumbly structure. If that is missing, purchasing more nutrients (fertilizers, foliars etc.) and over-watering will not help your plants – on the contrary, you may harm them. You must create a living soil by adding organic matter, soil microbes and natural sources of nutrients.

We created RHIZOBIO tablets with a simple idea in our mind: put as much soil life and organic matter in one tablet as possible. This is why each and every tab contains:

  • 18% humid acid – a stable form of organic matters improving soil structure and water retention;
  • 25% calcium carbonate – calcium is the backbone of healthy soil biology and soil structure;
  • 2% amino acids – this natural, plant-based organic nitrogen is a ready-made food for your plants and soil life;
  • 3 strains of mycorrhizal fungi – they are the extended arms of your plants, scavenging nutrients and water from the farthest corners of your garden;
  • Bacillus subtilis and Trichoderma fungi – these beneficial microorganisms increase the plant’s resistance against pathogens.

As a 100% natural product, RHIZOBIO tabs can be used anytime throughout the year with all kinds of trees, bushes, flowers, herbs and vegetables, following these guidelines:

  • in pots: use 1 tab per every 10 liters of potting soil or compost;
  • for planting flowers and bushes: 1 tabs per plant;
  • for fruit trees: 3-5 tabs per tree;
  • for berries: 1-2 tabs per plant;
  • for grapes: 2-3 tabs per plant.

Bury the tabs 5-10 cm under the surface and water the plants. The tabs can also be dissolved in water, it takes 2-3 minutes to dissolve them completely.

We are 100% sure that you will ❤ RHIZOBIO tabs – here is why

  • Every tab is full of soil biology, making your soils healthier, which means healthier plants.
  • Mycorrhizal fungi improve water and nutrient uptake of your flowers, trees and shrubs.
  • Algae extract and beneficial microorganisms help your plants to become more resistant against stress.
  • Organic matter content improves soil structure and water infiltration.
  • Plant-based amino acid provides organic nitrogen for plants and soil microbes.
  • They are 100% natural and contain 0% synthetic ingredients. They are absolutely harmless to plant roots, animals and humans.

Boost your soils, boost your plants – pre-order now!


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